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Bob Shropshire Driving School is Cincinnati, OH's premier driving school. When you train with us, you'll learn the skills you need to make you an effective and safe driver, and gain the confidence to handle yourself in any situation. Our driving school instructors take a personal approach, and are among the Cincinnati area's best! We'll take you from the classroom onto the open road in a variety of locations, times, and situations to familiarize you with the varying conditions you'll be facing as a licensed driver. Training safe drivers is our number one priority because we're out on those roads too!
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Expert instruction

Conveniently located in downtown Cincinnati, accessible by most bus lines and major buses, we have taught driving lessons for over 8 years. We make sure that our driving school instructors are personally interested in the development of their students. From the moment they set foot in our classroom, we encourage them to achieve their best. In keeping with that commitment, we provide one-on-one training to each student. What sets our instructors apart? They are:
  • Trained to the highest standards 
  • Able to customize lessons to fit individual student needs 
  • Highly professional and skilled 
When you choose Bob Shropshire Driving School you are not just investing in us, you are making the best possible investment for your future behind the wheel, your safety, and the safety of others on the road.
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Lessons to help anyone learn to drive

Bob Shropshire Driving School of Cincinnati is a truly personalized driving school. We train according to our student’s experience and level of competence. We have a wide range of flexible beginner and advanced courses.
Our driving instructors in Cincinnati are also driving enthusiasts, so when you choose Bob Shropshire Driving School you are learning from people who love what they do.
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