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A Driving School in Cincinnati, OH

For three generations and over 90 years, we have provided provided quality driving instruction at competitive prices. Bob Shropshire Driving School offers state approved driving instruction including in-car and in-class training for nervous beginners, teens and adults. We also offer remedial courses.

Learning how to drive is a great experience. And when you choose Bob Shropshire Driving School to provide your driving lessons, you're choosing the best driving school in Cincinnati, OH. Our instructors provide a flexible approach in their driving lessons that will cater to a wide variety of experience levels for our students. Whether you've never sat behind the wheel of a car or truck, or need a few more hours of behind the wheel time, we're here to make sure that when you're driving around in Cincinnati, you'll do so with confidence and expertise!

A comfortable pace

At Bob Shropshire Driving School, we understand that everyone learns differently and at a different pace. That's why we make sure that we can cater to everyone's needs. We tailor our driving lessons to suit the individual needs of each of our students and make sure that we go at your pace. Our trained instructors will know where you are in your driving curriculum, and will be able to challenge you without going too fast in the classroom, so you won't go too fast on the streets of Cincinnati!
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Students of all levels

Bob Shropshire Driving School provides driving lessons that cater to those wanting to learn for the first time or those who wish to have a refresher course. Our trained instructors understand that after years being on the road it's easy to lose tract of the many changes and developments within traffic laws.
Teenagers are satisfied with the driving school in Cincinnati, OH
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